Charitable Giving

As a family, our focus is often on how we can be more thoughtful about our impact on the Earth. And that idea aligns so well with Bie’s focus on nature and protecting our planet.

But one of our kiddos with the biggest heart made it impossible to ignore another cause. Homelessness.

I remember this day so vividly. About three years ago, our now nine year old noticed someone who was experiencing homelessness on the street corner. Her eyes welled up with tears at the thought of someone with no place to call home--what she recognized was her safe place.

When we arrived home that day, she asked if we could pack snacks and drive around delivering food to people in need. She knew it was one way she could help. My heart grew knowing our little girl came up with the idea on her own.

This October, we took a family trip to Chicago. While walking Magnificent Mile, our daughter again noticed people experiencing homelessness. When I put her to bed after we arrived home, her eyes again welled with tears. Her need to help was so strong.

From the day we launched Bie, we knew we would launch a giving program. That night we made the decision to donate to organizations that support people experiencing homelessness.

From today forward, Bie will donate $1 from each product sold to organizations that support people experiencing homelessness.