About Us

When Melissa Neill's favorite brand of skincare went on an indefinite hiatus, her heart told her to do something. And do something she did. She bought then Carefree Organics so she could continue to spread her passion for making small daily strides toward clean living.

Growing up, Melissa never envisioned herself as a business owner. From a young age she considered teaching, but in college she found her way to public relations. After 16 years working for others, she took her first leap into entrepreneurship and started her own independent communications consulting business. The wife and mom of three busy kids now spends her days toting kids to hockey, soccer and baseball while running two businesses. But not without help. Her amazing husband, Chris, makes Bie beautiful all while also toting kids to sports, coaching all three kids in hockey and working as a full-time UX designer.

About Bie
Founded in 2013, Bie provides good-for-you skincare for all skin types. We believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. And that's why our small batch, nature-infused skincare products contain no harsh chemicals. Each product is designed to calm, restore and brighten skin, as well as to heal common skin ailments.

Bie isn't just a name--it's an idea. Bees play an important role in our ecosystem. Without them, the flowers and plants that give life to the ingredients in our products would not exist. Protecting our skin means also protecting our planet. As we grow and evolve, so will our impact.