An Easy Skincare Routine

Throughout August and September, we took Bie on the road to introduce our products to our Minnesota friends and neighbors. What an incredibly rewarding experience! Who knew an introvert could love so much socialization?

But there’s something that caught me off guard in my conversations…So many women do not have a daily skincare routine.

Here’s why this surprised me:
  • I grew up learning the importance of skincare and hearing “never go to bed with makeup on,” and I wrongfully assumed other women learned the same.
  • Skincare advice and products are EVERYWHERE, and the media makes it feel like everyone is experimenting with the latest and greatest in skincare.
So why aren’t women taking care of their skin? I can only think of two reasons: it’s another thing to add into an already busy day or creating a skincare routine feels daunting.

My best advice: keep it simple. I’m a busy mom to three active kiddos and one of my superpowers is finding efficiencies in everything. That includes skincare.

Need a basic skincare routine? Start with three simple steps:
  1. Cleanse. Wash your face both morning and night.
  2. Tone. Here’s why a toner is important.
  3. Treat + Moisturize. Our serums and oils help with skin ailments, but they also lock in moisture. Personally, I use a serum in the morning and an oil in the evening.
An eye cream is also a great addition to a skincare routine, especially as we age. If you follow a basic skincare routine, add this between steps two and three above.

If you don’t have a skincare routine, I encourage you to start today. It’s never too late or too early.
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