Why do I need a facial toner?

🤚 if you use a toner.

I have a confession. I have used a toner for years. I love how it removes extra makeup and dirt that my cleanser leaves behind. BUT...I never really understood why a toner is important. You either? Whew, I’m glad I’m not alone!

Used after a cleanser and before serums, oils and moisturizers, toners benefit all types of skin. Let’s look at the benefits.

Dry skin: Toners are often water-based. Water = hydration. For those with dry skin, toner adds extra moisture and helps prepare your skin to better absorb moisture from your serums, oils and moisturizers. Just make sure your toner is not alcohol-based and does not use artificial fragrances, phthalates or parabens.

Oily skin: Oil clogs our pores. Not only does toner remove the oils that block pores, it also reduces the appearance of pores for smoother, more vibrant looking skin.

Sensitive skin: Those with sensitive skin know the challenges of angry, inflamed skin. Toners protect skin from environmental stressors and calm skin to reduce redness and even skin tone.

Combination skin: Toners even skin tone by removing oils and moisturizing where needed. It’s like having two products in one!

Mature skin: None of us are getting any younger (hello 40!), so how amazing is it that toners also temporarily tighten skin? Add that to smaller pores and even skin tone, and no one will know you’re about to turn 40 this year.

What’s better about Bie Calming Facial Toner besides its nature-filled ingredients? It doubles as a room spray with essential oils to calm the senses--lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot. Who doesn’t love dual purpose?

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