Don't forget the sunscreen!

According to the Rule of 7, we have to hear something at least 7 times before we take action. Apparently I haven’t heard enough how important sunscreen is on cloudy or cooler days. Though I think I’m close after this weekend.

This weekend was gorgeous in Minnesota! The daytime brought clear skies and high 60s or low 70s for a high. The nighttime low was a brisk mid-40s, or what I like to call perfect sleeping weather. Though not technically fall yet, I consider the start of school in early September the start of fall.

As we ran out the door for soccer Sunday afternoon, I never thought to grab sunscreen. Ironically, it was sitting out on the bench in our mudroom from days (okay, maybe a week!) ago. On the drive home I noticed my arms were a light shade of pink, yet I scurried home, threw on shorts and a tank top and mowed the lawn before running to a hockey practice. Still no sunscreen.

So why was I so surprised at a bright red nose and crisp arms after so much time out in the sun on a fall day? Because it wasn’t a scorching summer day, of course.

But here’s the thing…the sun’s rays reach our skin at all times of year and in any kind of weather. We’re even susceptible to them when we’re indoors and near a window. UVB rays vary in intensity by season, but UVA rays are just as intense in the winter as they are in the summer. And UVA rays penetrate our skin more deeply.

One thing I do know is how important it is to take care of our skin, and this is the next step in my skincare journey. I hope you’ll make it your next step, too! Join me today in the hunt for a daily sunscreen without the long list of ingredients that take hours to research. Have a recommendation? Drop one in the comments below.
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