Meet the Ingredients: Argan Oil

Oils used in skincare are abundant. And blends of oils like our Repairing Oil are everywhere. Knowing which oil is right for your skin is confusing, to say the least.

Though not all oils are right for all skin types, Argan Oil is right for EVERY skin type. Its benefits make it feel like nothing short of a wonder oil. What does this heroic oil extracted from kernels of the fruit pit of the argan tree grown in Morocco do? Well…

Argan Oil is loaded with Vitamin E, an ingredient many companies add to skincare products to help soften the skin and protect the moisture barrier. I know what you may be thinking…Vitamin E as an additive is better because oil will make your skin more oily. Not Argan Oil! It can actually help reduce skin oiliness by reducing sebum, or what we think of as our skin’s natural oils. As an oily skinned person, I can attest to this personally.

Don’t put away your sunscreen quite yet, but Argan Oil is also known to protect skin from sun damage. Thanks, antioxidants! If that’s not enough, it also helps improve the skin's elasticity to minimize signs of aging.

Most impressive, by far, is Argan Oil’s healing properties. Anti-inflammatory properties help heal skin conditions like psoriasis. Antibacterial and antifungal properties work to heal skin infections. Vitamin E and antioxidants heal wounds. Oil-reducing properties also treat acne.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that people who use Bie Repairing Oil have said it reduces rashes caused by mask-wearing, minimizes the appearance of scars, evens out skin tone and soothes acne.

Also, Argan Oil is rated a 1--the best clean ingredient rating--by the Environmental Working Group. See a full profile here.

Any surprise that Argan Oil is the number one ingredient in our Repairing Oil?

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