Benefits of Small Batch Skincare

If you have spent any time on our about us page, you know that one of my goals is to make small daily strides toward cleaning living. I care about what my family puts on and in their bodies. I also care about YOU, and that’s why Bie offers small batch skincare.

What is small batch skincare, you ask? At the most basic level, it means products are produced in smaller quantities. The real question, instead, is what benefits small batch skincare provides. It comes down to two things: ingredients and freshness.

Large companies often make their products in large batches to cut production costs. Their products require a longer shelf life, which requires preservatives that can keep a product shelf-stable for years. Preservatives like parabens are harmful chemicals that hurt the skin and your health over time. According to the Environmental Working Group, “The concern with these chemicals is that scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer. They can also cause skin irritation.”

Small batch skincare, by contrast, often uses natural preservatives like essential oils. All natural = good for YOU and for the environment.

Unlike larger companies, small batch skincare products do not sit on shelves for years. Makers produce smaller quantities that align with the demand for their product. While the shelf life is shorter, the tradeoff is a fresher, more potent product. Good for you ingredients ready to do their intended job–keep your skin radiant and youthful!

Not only do commercial products sit on shelves for months to years, they also spend a lot of time transported and sitting in warehouses before they actually make it to a store shelf. Depending on the time of year, that means exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures that can degrade a product. Small batch skincare brands know exactly how their products are stored, often at the ideal temperature to keep their products shelf-stable for the longest period of time.

We know it’s tempting to reach for less expensive products at the drugstore. But taking care of YOU is important. Read ingredient labels and know exactly what you’re putting on and absorbing into your body.
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